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If you live in Palmdale, CA or you have just moved to the area you will discover that you will have wildlife encounters every once in a while. Rather than calling pest control to handle the animal, you should call professional wildlife animal control. The reason you should call a professional wildlife animal control is that pest control does not use proper techniques to handle the animals. Wildlife animal control is a specialty business where animals are trapped in your home and released back into the wild.

Some of the common wildlife species that you will come across in Palmdale include;

•    Raccoons
•    Opossums
•    Squirrels
•    Skunks
•    Some species of snakes
•    Bats among others

Why Should You Choose Us?

•    We specialize in offering wildlife removal services and not pest control
•    We are fully licensed and insured
•    Our services are round the clock
•    We perform full building inspections both residential and commercial
•    We offer cleanup services for wildlife waste

Wildlife Control Process

The first step in the process is the inspection of the home both on the inside and on the outside. We locate the nesting areas, access points and any animal activity in the building. Once we find the entry point, we seal it up to prevent additional wildlife from getting into your business or home. Some common entry points include gaps around the vets, air conditioning units, and pipes going into the house. As specialists with years of experience, we are able to find these entry points quite quickly in most cases. We then proceed to trap the animal by strategically placing several live cage traps around the area we found activity during the inspection. We then clean up any urine, feces, and pheromones left behind by the animal.

The Importance of Wildlife Removal

  1. Control spread of disease

There are a number of diseases that one can get from interacting with a sick animal. Children may be especially prone to contracting diseases from wildlife as they may not have learned not to approach wild animals. Disease and injuries (bites, stings, etc.) are among the top reasons why wildlife removal is vital.

  1. Reduce property damage

If wild animals are living in your home they can damage the ventilation system, building structure, and piping just to name a few. They can also cause general property damages such as holes in the walls. Some of these holes give access to other animals getting into your home making the situation even worse.


Frequently Asked Questions About Wildlife Control

  1. What do you do with the animals once captured

We are advocates of wildlife relocation. We take the wildlife we remove to an appropriate habitat whenever possible.

  1. Can I handle the wildlife problem by myself?

You can definitely handle prevention by repairing any holes in your home that could give animals a way into the house. However, if you are dealing with wildlife it is better to leave control and removal to the professionals rather than expose yourself to danger. The next time you have a wildlife problem, call the Palmdale animal control specialists at Animal Capture Wildlife Control.


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