Lancaster Animal Control and Removal

Being part of the Antelope Valley, you get to experience nature’s wonders, from the high desert plains to surrounding mountains. That's why Animal Capture Wildlife Control ensures that you can enjoy wildlife’s bounty without having your home become a habitat for animals. Animal control in Lancaster is especially important when temperatures are most extreme during the summer and winter and critters seek extra shelter, food and water.

About Our Company

Animal Capture Wildlife Control is licensed under the state trapping department of the Fish and Wildlife Association to provide Lancaster animal control, trapping and removal services. We have been humanely removing wildlife for over 20 years. We are family owned and operated, so we treat your home as we would our own.

Services Offered

Animals may be safe at a distance, but when they come into your home, they can cause havoc on your interior structure, be potentially poisonous or carry diseases, and are unsanitary. That is why we offer services that protect you and your family.

Animal Removal Specialties:

  • Bat removal from an attic: Bats look for cool dark places to sleep, and your attic can be the perfect home. Getting your attic examined for bats could save you from an unwanted surprise and avoids messy cleanup of fecal matter.
  • Snake removal: Snakes live under homes and in gardens, which makes them potentially dangerous to children and pets. They could also make their way into your home through floorboards or small cracks.
  • Skunk removal: Getting sprayed by a skunk can be a long-lasting problem. We specialize in the proper handling of skunks to make sure no one gets sprayed.
  • Raccoon removal: Raccoons have the highest rate of rabies, so if you see a raccoon in the daytime or one that's acting suspicious, it is best to call an expert and not approach the animal yourself.

Wildlife Trapping:

  • We use live animal traps that humanely contain animals.
  • Wildlife is safely released back to their natural habitat.
  • In the case of cats, we take them to the nearest shelter.

Dead Animal Removal:

  • If you find an animal in your home that is deceased, we can hygienically remove it.
  • This service does not include roadkill.

Our Process

  • A wildlife control expert will inspect your home and determine the type of animals, their entry and exit points, and any nests or burrows.
  • Then we place three to five live animal traps to cage the animal for later release into the wild.
  • After the first set of traps are successful, we place a second set of traps and return in five to seven days to be sure all wildlife has been extracted from your home.
  • We never use poisons, so you can be assured your pets and children will be safe during the process.

Why Choose Our Company

We have been graciously recognized locally in newspapers and magazines and nationally on shows like “Dirty Jobs.” Many local pest agencies, police departments and state offices refer residents to us because they know we satisfy our customers and the environment.



Animal Capture Wildlife Control

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