Bakersfield Animal Control and Removal Services

Need for Animal Control

With the ever-increasing rise in human population and urbanization, spaces that were previously explicitly wildlife areas continue to diminish each day. As a result, wild animals often wander into populated zones far from their natural habitats. Such occurrences have proven to be harmful to animal and homeowner alike. However, for Southern California locals, Bakersfield animal control services have never been easier thanks to our expertise at Animal Capture Wildlife Control.

Humane Animal Handling

You don’t have to be an animal rights activist to believe that useless killing of wild animals is just wrong. Our Bakersfield animal control procedures are designed to treat the captured animals captured with, and we always try our best to see that they find their way back to the safe havens of their natural habitats.

Diversity of Our Services

Our dedication coupled with the experience we have gathered over years of practice give us the capacity to handle just about any stray wildlife. Most of the citizens of Bakersfield have probably encountered a stray snake, raccoon or bat, primarily because the city borders Sequoia National Forest, which is home to countless species of wildlife. Some of the common animal removal jobs we have been contracted to handle, include but are not limited to, snake removal, raccoon removal and bat removal from the attic. Not only do we handle living wild animals, but dead ones as well.

Efficiency of Our Services

Our company assures its clients of a swift and efficient response. We offer a fast action plan, designed with safety, time and efficiency in mind. This plan is executed as follows:

  • We make an initial visit to the specific site for the purpose of carrying out an elaborate assessment of the situation. Our team assesses the risk involved, conducts a quick survey to estimate the number as well as the spread of the wild animals, and settles on the best mode of capture.
  • We lay out the first traps, the number of which is largely determined by the initial reconnaissance visit.
  • We check the traps regularly to secure the trapped animals and take them back to their habitats.
  • We lay the second series of traps in situations where the stray animals occur in multiples. This is done to ensure that all animals are trapped.
  • In the case of dead animals, we have a well-trained and well-equipped disposal team on hand to help with removal.
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Animal Capture Wildlife Control

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